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Japon - Le Temple Senso-ji à Tokyo

Japan – A visit to the Senso-ji temple in Tokyo

If there was only one place to visit in Tokyo, it would of course be Senso-ji temple. The oldest temple in the Japanese capital is a treat for the senses: the smell of incense, the sound of prayers, the magnificent decorations. Everything is there for a guaranteed change of scenery. T he streets are almost empty. The district looks more like a small town, quiet and pleasant, far from the agitation of the big districts of the Japanese capital. At the corner of a street, an elderly person quietly sweeps the front of his small shop with a supple gesture that betrays his advanced age. At the end of another, a cyclist crosses the alley peacefully. As usual, we are lost. Pungent incense fumes carried by the wind reach us. Senso-ji, Tokyo's most famous temple - located in the Asakusa…

Japon - Le Quartier De Shinjuku

Japan – Landing in Tokyo – Shinjuku

Landing in Tokyo, first contact with a country that is so different from our good old Europe. Tokyo, one of the largest cities in the world, stretches as far as the eye can see. This gargantuan city is the starting point for the journey to Japan. T he ground shakes under our feet. A little music accompanied by a bird whistle and then a female voice announce through a loudspeaker the arrival of the metro. The map in front of us shows the countless metro lines and companies but is of no help as it is full of characters and, let's face it, complicated as hell. On the screens, between two advertisements, the waiting time per second for the next metro. This one arrives on time, as always. The headlights of the lead car dazzle us and the automatic doors…

Portfolio - Tokyo

View of Tokyo II

Four years after the first photo entitled "View of Tokyo". This city is still as inspiring for the photographer, both in terms of people and architecture and the general atmosphere. The notion of person almost disappears before that of number and group.

Taiwan - Jancing

Taiwan – Walk in Jancing

In the highlands of Taipingshan Mountain in northeastern Taiwan - near Yilan, the historic Jancing Trail is best known for its ancient railway ruins. The result of a long history of deforestation, the Jancing Trail used to connect the Taipingshan peaks with the nearest town for the transport of timber. A fresh mountain breeze is felt. Up there, it can't be more than 24 degrees. All around us, a whitish mass keeps stirring in all directions, bringing a few strands of coolness. At times it seeps through the trees, whistling through the leaves. The humidity is even more noticeable here, even if it is mistaken for a light rain. The clouds have descended from the sky to greet us at the entrance to the historic Jancing trail. At times we can only see about ten metres in front of us.…

Japon - Au Sommet D'Osaka

Japan – At the top of Osaka

The Umeda Tower in Osaka is a major attraction in Japan's third largest city. Rising up from the floor of the cows allows you to appreciate this gargantuan city, which stretches to the horizon. T he end of the day approaches. The perfect blue of the sky gradually gives way to a golden light that accentuates the warm colours of autumn even more. Since the beginning of this stay in Japan, the weather has been splendid with mild temperatures. And Osaka is no exception to this rule, for our pleasure. We all agree that autumn seems to be an ideal time to travel in Japan. The weather is, of course, the main attraction of this season. It is neither too cold nor too hot at this time of the year. Autumn is also a good time to attend many festivals…

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